Thursday, April 26, 2012

fiSh DoCtoR at sTaR ciTy

alfter a long day of walking and enjoying watch my niece ride all the fun rides at star city. i wanted to just sit down and relax what better way than to refresh your feet with the fish doctor. so with my 4tokens me yes and jayson enjoyed the tickling of the fishes at our feet. 4tokens was worth it enjoyed it so much

pLaY tiMe at sTarciTy

amanda mama yes, papa jayson, kuya jelo and tita karen. joined me amanda for my birthday at starcity. i really enjoy all the rides that is ok for me the merry-go-round i must have rode it for 3times until mama is so sick hehehe. i also rode the tea pot. i was really scared with the bump car. but i was able to ride it again with kuya jelo helping me. i also rode the airplane and the ferry the caterpillar and the fast train. i'm so happy and glad that we went to star city

aManDa aNd aTe siG hApPy biRthDay

amanda and precious also name as ate sig has the same birthday. amanda went to ate sig to be able to celebrate this day with her. simple and beautiful

aManDa aNd hEr lOvEbIrDs

amanda is playing with her lovebirds named blue bird (the blue one) and angel (the green one)

hApPy bIrtHdAy aManDa

Friday, April 20, 2012

mY fAmiLy waLl clOck

mY family... with papa jaime mama josephine already with the lord our God... from right my lolo val and lola alice also with the Lord. our last picture as a family. mama;s granddaughter abreen and amanda me in the middle. jaime's family michelle abreen carl. and jason's family norma sherish and amanda.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

HapPy BirthdAy cArl 041812 slide

Happy Birthday Carl 041812 Slideshow: Karina’s trip to Antipolo City, Luzon, Philippines was created by TripAdvisor. See another Antipolo City slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.

HapPy BirthdAy cArl 041812

Happy BirthdAy cArl

hIs 10th birthday was celebrated at bOsay in antipOlo city with close family his family his mama michelle sister abreen, with his tita and her family his grandma patricia and auntie and uncle and basti with jayson family yes and amanda and me ate belen and francha.

we spend the whole day swimming
some part of the resort is close since they are changing the water but we enjoy swimming at the olympics pool with yes amanda abreen mich patricia. it was a warm water and less people

me amanda yes spend the whole day swimming and the result huhuhu sunburn ouch...